Mizbiz was founded by driven female professionals working in diverse industries who saw the challenges in progressing to the highest levels. We aim to create a network where ambitious women can become connected, be inspired and feel truly empowered to let go of inherent insecurities and thrive professionally.

Jennifer Elliot

Marketing Consultant

’You can do whatever you want in
life as long as it is your own honest
decision and you put your all into it.
Just decide, trust in yourself and
get things done. Life is too short
to be afraid.’

Noemi Blumberg

M&A Lawyer

’I am convinced that women
have so many qualities that can
mean added value for companies
when they are included in senior
positions. Yet we tend to believe
less in ourselves, even when
others do.’

Jessica Ramos-Byrne

Company Lawyer

’Thanks to my family, I’ve always
felt I could do anything with hard work.
Through miz biz, I hope to learn from,
and share with all sorts of inspiring
women and together unleash our full

Laura Pallerés

Industrial Engineer

’I’d like to inspire women to pursue
their dreams and never be
ashamed to be ambitious,
Women not only can prove
themselves professionally, but
they can combine a successful
career with a fulfilling personal life.’

Sophie van Rymenant

Senior Legal Consultant

‘In business I feel like women could bring so much more to the table. My experience teaches me that there is so much to learn from shared experiences and so much energy to be found in encouragements from other women. That is why connections are so important and most so on a professional level. We want to create the kind of networking that fuels you with energy to unapologetically pursue your professional ambition! Girl power in a professional coat, that’s what Mizbiz is to me!’