Mizbiz Entrepreneurs

Do you have the secret or outspoken ambition to be entrepreneurial? Whether it is starting your own business or striving for innovation within your company, you have surely experienced that ‘itch’, but it is not all that simple.

At our anniversary event on 19 April, you will be able to learn from our inspiring speakers whom we have lined up for you. However, we cannot forget that amongst our Mizbiz members we have some pretty darn inspiring entrepreneurial ladies to show for. And guess what, they will be there on 19th April too! So grab the opportunity to exchange ideas, get inspiration from their experiences and openly discuss the hurdles that they have faced in their own ventures.
(They will be recognisable by their ‘Mizbiz Entrepreneur’ nametag)

In short: Meet our Mizbiz Entrepreneurs!
Browse through their profiles and approach them for tips and tricks on our event 19 April.

Dont be shy, network the night away!

Anouk Froidevaux

Anouk Froidevaux: Dancing The Moment

Béatrice Vanhoudt

A&V Fashion

Carolien Berckmans & Nathalie Meiresonne


Catherine De Meulemeester

Professional Coaching Services - Facilitating Change

Eline Beernaert

Elegant Events

Ellen Verellen

Apple for the Brain

Isabeau Sas

Our Daily Bottle Wine Club

Julie De Laet

Yoga By Julz

Lieke Biesemans

Stories by Mabel

Mieke Verstraeten


Nathalie Arteel

Arteel Recognition Solutions & Nathalie Arteel Leading Angel

Stephanie Duval & Nele Pieters

RPPRT, Journuit & Roomin