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Ellen Verellen

Apple for the Brain

Apple for the Brain organizes events that will feed your mind. We invite inspiring speakers about all sorts of topics (philosophy, psychology, current affairs, trends, society…), always in a nice setting with lovely organic food & wines. And we give young creative talents a forum. Our target audience are people that are critical, busy with their health, self-development and the future of our planet. We want to trigger them, inspire them and make them more aware.

There’s also Apple for the Body & Soul which is mainly about health and holistic medicine. Apple for your Business will improve the communication in your company and the corporate culture.

And for the little ones we recently launched Apple for the Young Spirits. We want to stimulate their creativity and keep them pure. We organize events, workshops and summer camps. Competitivity is not in the dictionary of Apple for the Young Spirits, it’s about connecting and living closer to your soul. Keywords: nature, playing, listening, art, dance & expression, yoga, meditation, healthy organic food…


Start date of business or project
October 2016