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Nathalie Arteel

Arteel Recognition Solutions & Nathalie Arteel Leading Angel

I strongly believe that every person is born with a personal mission, and an elaborate set of talents. Often these seeds lie dormant within us. My personal mission is to help people reach their inner potential, so that they can make the 2% cut, both in their personal life and in their professional area of expertise, and to help companies and managers to appreciate their people more.
Why? Because appreciation changes everything. By appreciating people talent becomes expertise, potential becomes performance. And people will experience more happiness. Not only at work but they will also experience more balance as a mother, father, spouse, friend, …. I help people to connect with their true inner “sense of why”, so that they can contribute to others people’s lives as well. My personal story enables me to reach out to people, and to inspire and to motivate them.

Strategic Management – Leadership – Personal Growth

Start date of business or project
1994: Entrepreneur: Arteel Recognition Solutions
2011: European Entrepreneurship Ambassador
2016: Motivational speaker – Writer of the book ‘Durf, leef & onderneem’ – Personal topcoaching