Upcoming events : She is equal with Alexander De Croo & Mizbiz goes unplugged with 48HoursUnplug

”She is equal – A conversation with Alexander De Croo on his book, ‘De eeuw van de vrouw’/’Le siècle de la femme'”

February 28, 2019 (7.00PM – 11.00PM)


”Mizbiz goes unplugged – a “Disconnect to Reconnect” Retreat by 48HoursUnplug”

April 5 (5.00PM) – April 7 (5.00PM), 2019 (Daverdisse, the Ardennes)

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Ladies mark your calendars, you don’t want to miss these upcoming events!

A new year has started and with that new resolutions followed. At Mizbiz, we decided to step up our game by bringing you two – completely different – but both oh such unique events!

She is equal – A conversation with Alexander De Croo about his book “De eeuw van de vrouw”/”Le siècle de la femme”

When: Thursday 28 February 2019 (7.00PM – 11.00PM)
Where: Open VLD Headquarters (Melsensstraat 34, Brussels)
What: In the past he was not exactly a feminist. ‘Too polarising’ he thought, ‘too intolerant’. Now Alexander De Croo concludes that feminism is necessary and will also be a liberation to men. But he understands that it will be a tough job to get people to agree. Nevertheless, Alexander is up for the task and ready to discuss several proposals for societal change, as an assignment for the governments of Belgium and the Netherlands and suggestions for the way of thinking of all. The role of women is filled with too little ambition and too many prejudices. It is time for change. Creative woman with balls, Stephanie Van Ooteghem, CFO off Balls & Glory, joins us in the conversation. Interactive, with room for all thoughts and discussions, between men and women…
Who: Registration is open for Mizbiz members only. However, since this discussion is equally relevant for men and women, we want to make an exception to that rule which is why every Mizbiz member who registers can also register a male guest!
Price: 75 EUR (includes our usual delicious healthy food and drinks)

. Dont want to miss out but not registered as a Mizbiz member yet? You can change that right now, sign up at: http://mizbiz.be/sign-up-today/ and you will receive all registration information via e-mail.

Mizbiz goes unplugged – a “Disconnect to Reconnect” Retreat by 48HoursUnplug

When: Friday 5 April 2019 (5.00PM) to Sunday 7 April (5.00PM)
Where: Daverdisse (Ardennes)
What: In two-day gatherings 48HoursUnplug (https://www.48hoursunplug.com/) whisks away corporate and business leaders to a peaceful, natural setting away from the busy frenetic pace of everyday life. Together with a group of other leaders and with the help of professional coaches, passion and motivation are rediscovered. This inspirational concept is normally reserved for CEO’s, but we now get the unique opportunity to experience this journey for ourselves. We will be going offline for 48 hours to reconnect to ourselves, to each other and to nature (no worries, there will be an emergency Phone). Founder Carlien Cavens (a Mizbiz member and former McKinsey consultant) , and Elisabeth Verwaest (a Socratic coach) will be our guides throughout this soul searching journey and as an ode to women, they are offering their services for Mizbiz members only. A quick overview of the themes that will be covered, just to give you an idea of how reformative this experience could be for you:
Digital detox
Going offline is not just about going offline. It’s about creating space in the mind to see things clearly again. And when your start to see things clearly, magic happens!
Happiness as a priority
People often think that happiness is a consequence of success. Happiness research however shows that the opposite is closer to the truth. What factors lead to a happier hence more successful person?
Balance in a busy life
Today’s high paced environment can be overwhelming at times. How to stay focused when the only certainty is contant change? How to create a safe haven of routines that give you a feeling of stability?
Your bigger purpose
What drives you and what legacy do you want to leave in this world? What are your unique talents that you can use to make a positive contribution to your environment? What is your path?
Imagine all that in depth reflection combined with healthy food, meditation, yoga and mindful nature walks at a beautiful venue in the Belgian Ardennes. Curious to see who has experienced this trip into self before? Check out the 48HoursUnplug website for testimonials from a.o. Hein van der Loo (Managing director ABN AMRO), Peter Clemens (Managing director Société Générale CIB), Grégory Delens (Managing director The House of Marketing), Jeroen Wils (Managing director Mediafin), Alexander Vuylsteke (CEO Yools) and many more…
Who: Mizbiz members only (and only 20 spots, so you better be quick!)
Price: Usual price is 2.900 EUR. Mizbiz price is 650 EUR(!) and includes everything but your transport to the Ardennes.

Want to be part of this truly unique and transformative experience but not yet a Mizbiz member? Register here: http://mizbiz.be/sign-up-today/ and receive registration details for the event via e-mail.