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November 7 (Brussels) and November 8 (Antwerp), 2018
”Iron Fist, Velvet Gloves”

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Mizbiz wants to help you become a master negotiator and deal-closer.

In case you haven’t realised it, you negotiate almost every day of your life. Whether it’s in a work context (think salary, ..) or personal (like debating with your partner on who will do the dishes, or with your children on bed time, or even our pet (?!)): You are a day-to-day negotiator.

You don’t want to miss this event!

Not only will Caroline Elliot introduce us to the ins and outs of negotiating skills with her usual inspirational speecht, Ana Rosa Dinnissen, political advisor at the European Parliament, will also share some of her personal negotiating experiences in the political sphere with us.

To make it as easy as possible for you to join us, you even have the choice to attend this event in Brussels or in Antwerp, or both should you be a real Mizbiz fan.
In Brussels you can find us on November 7 at Silversquare (Square de Meeus) and in Antwerp on November 8 at Cityworkers (Grote Pieter Potstraat).

Come join us for a night of Mizbiz Velvet!

(Please note that this event is open for members only. If you are interested in participating, please register first at: http://mizbiz.be/sign-up-today/)